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Google dictionary has defined 'creativity' as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. In other words, creativity has no right or wrong answer. In order to be creative, one must have a certain level of knowledge of something, with an addition of the spirit of experimentation, to create something new. Hence, it is a learner's responsibility to ask questions eagerly and a teacher's responsibility to answer those questions patiently. This is to enhance learners' learning attitude and courage to try something new.

However, Singapore pediatrician, Dr Kenneth Lyen, has noted otherwise in our education system in his blog post on 'Creativity'. Some teachers seem to be impatient when a specific student asks too many questions and hinder the progress of the rest of the class. Does this kind of teaching attitude affect students' creative thinking? Kenneth has discussed this in his blog post. Furthermore, he has shared with his readers on the various tests available to test one's creativity and shared some tips on how to improve one's creative thinking. 

Are you interested in this topic? Then, do read his post to find out more.