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Science Alive
Science Alive

Science Alive! ™ is curated to ignite curiosity, an experiential programme that inculcates critical thinking progressively at each level. Classes are designed around scientific ideas, captivating children through fun experiments.

Planned Explorations and Spontaneous Discoveries

Our curriculum is intended to introduce scientific ideas, adapted to allow children to make connections and instill curiosity to learn more. Thus, hands-on experiments would be eliciting them to think critically to investigate issues further. Resulting in inquisitive minds and leading to honed creative thinking skills. Building a strong foundation for scientific process skills, ready for future challenges in grasping scientific concepts.

Science Process skills are essential scientific skills to expose young children in an age-appropriate manner to cultivate the habits of the minds in critical thinking, logical thinking, and problem-solving thinking processes, enquiring independent thinking skills, of which are considered as essential life skills for future successes.

Hands-on science experiments are mindfully designed to enthral curious little ones honing their scientific process thinking skills to cultivate inquisitive minds. Scientific process skills are interweaved into exploratory activities inviting open and close inquiry learning dynamics, while children are given opportunities to trouble shoot and enhance solution-finding skills.

Exploring with the Scientific minds: Science Process Skills

  • Observation Skills
    (watching demonstrations)
  • Hypothesis Testing
    (what might happen)
  • Analytical Skills
    (think/talk about what happened)
  • Inference Skills
    (how/why did it work?)
  • Gathering Data Skills
    (exploring ideas and drawing conclusions)
  • Replicating/Reflection Thinking
    (I know how to do it)
  • Logical Thinking
    (think with reason)
  • Creative Thinking Skills
    (thinking with flexibility)
  • Problem Solving Skills
    (understanding ideas and applying skills to other contexts)


Science Alive! Experiments are designed to intrigue young ones with inquisitive minds to ask more questions.

Science exposes children to the worlds around them with considerations of sustainability within the eco-system of the earth.

Science allows children to understand the building blocks of life and make sense of the worlds around them