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Art Galore
Art Galore

Art Galore™ is designed to inspire children to explore with various mediums and create their individual artworks following their hearts desires. Creative expression should take its pure form, directly from the heart.

Our curriculum is moulded to introduce the visual elements of art and empower children with an artistic arsenal. Art techniques are mindfully infused into lessons to scaffold the skill levels accordingly, with emphasis on the art-making processes in keeping with age appropriateness. With children being exposed to various famous artists and their styles, they would cultivate the nuance for art appreciation and enliven their aesthetic sense.

Taking on the spirits of contemporary art, of which is the current global practice of arts. A practice that deliberately incorporating technology and appearing in many genres and forms. Art Galore planners are introducing various mediums in art making with emphasis on the art making processes are more important than the end products.

Nurturing aesthetic senses through guided creative experiences

Art Galore enrichment programme adopts a contemporary art concept in designing and delivery of art experiences. Creative expression should take its pure form, where expression is directly from the heart. A simple way where a child can choose a medium that he is comfortable to work with, to discover and express freely!

Art Galore engenders an inspiring ambience for children to explore various mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, collage, and 3D craft. Children are given the time, space, tools, and know-how to express individual creativity.

Elements of art

which will introduce visual elements like dot, line, color, shape, space, and many more as tools to create art.

Art Techniques

as we focus on the process, students can look forward to having a fun time discovering the different ways of art making.

Art Appreciation

by learning about famous artists, art periods and fine art from history as well as contemporary art.

Suitable from 3 to 6 Years Old

Art Galore takes the children on artistic journeys that enable children to discover emotional and enriching rewards of spontaneous art.

Visual expression is a creative playground for every child to explore and venture. With the introduction to various themes coupled with the contemporary art approach, students will be exposed to a good array of skills, techniques and materials. Hence, developing their cognitive and motor skills making interesting works of art. Connecting art with the other learning areas such as language, numeracy and science provides the platform for students to expand further to the world of innovation and holistic education extending the depth of visual arts and creativity.


Our Philosophy

We believe every child is born creative; teachers are merely facilitating the natural self-discovery process to unleash the creativity and confidence to excel.


Art Galore programmes - Children enjoyed art making with 3D paper sculptures to study forms and shapes in visual elements of arts in Art Learning Gallery programmes at Singapore Art Museum as art excursion learning journey.

Art Galore programmes' participants are invited to participate in SEA Games sculpture light installation along Orchard road to mark the opening of SEA games in 2015. Graced by Minister Lawrence Wong, with IQKidz Creative Director Dawn Tam, and glass artist, Florence Ng, in front of Ion, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Art Galore children creating arts with inspiration from artist, Sun Yu-Li ‘s Universal Language of Arts, co-creation of Love. Revolve the World, an art exhibition at Singapore Art Museum with 750 children, in 2013.

Art Galore programme's children treading beads to appreciate Peranakan culture's beaded slippers.

5000 Art Galore children were invited to contribute messages on ping pong balls with London artist, Nicola, bounded them as Ouroboros, a lighted sculpture to mark the opening of SEA Games installed in front of MBS Sands, 2015.