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The Learning Gallery @ Singapore Art Museum (Video Tours are available)

IQkidz was commissioned by Singapore Art museum from 2006 as the Official Art educator, indeed, IQkidz was the first organization in Singapore to begin bringing children to Art Museum in Learning Journey. Typically, the tours are designed with the first half as guided art gallery tours with the second half as Hands-on art-making in responses to the arts observed during the tours.

Video tours are available for online learning.

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Hike It! At the Singapore River

This series of Hike It! At the Singapore River trails are created for art appreciation, as well as learning about the Singapore River story, where our forefathers came and thrived! They are made for preschool, primary, and secondary schools’ students and can be delivered at various levels and depths. We typically invite students to make arts at the end of tour in response to what they have experienced on the day. We have created video series when outdoor learning journey was not possible, however, we do welcome schools who can organize trips down to Singapore too, when it becomes permissible.

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Fort Canning

Students will get the opportunity to stroll back in time to Singapore’s colonial days where soldiers and a fort on Fort Canning hill stood guard over a bustling town of horses, carts and trishaws at the harbour through this independent, interpretive and investigative trail. Along the trail, students will also get to view the beauty of sculpture pieces, completed by various artists, located amid the lush greenery of the park. Students will visit the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and find out more about the sculptures contributed by each member country for the ASEAN Sculptures Symposium held in Singapore in 1981. Facilitators will encourage group discussion, questioning and understanding of the sculptures that your pupils will discover.

Students will also visit the Spice Garden to learn about plants that were introduced in an effort to cultivate economic crops in Singapore. Following this, students will also explore the archaeological dig site where thousands of artefacts have been discovered at Fort Canning.

After the sculpture trail at Fort Canning, students may get the opportunity to visit a wold-renowned sculptor, Sun Yu-li, at his studio in Emily Hill to interact, discuss concepts and ideas and gain insight to the art of sculptures.

This follow-up program is subjected to the availability of the artist and only allows for a limited number of students due to space limitations.

Gardens by the Bay

This art walk will allow students to discover sculptures, art and the rich history and culture of our ethnic groups and colonial past at Gardens By The Bay. Students will evaluate and interpret various abstract and stylized works of public sculptures at the gardens, examine and understand the different types of art of the ethnic groups of Singapore, and appreciate the differences between the ethnic groups.

The art walk will end with a visual art activity, in which students will get the opportunity to create their own artworks based on what they have explored at Gardens By The Bay.