Pinocchio: A Whale of a Tale!

Date: 2-15 April 2018

ArtBeatz is proud to present our the gala performance of A Whale of a Tale with Pinocchio! A colourful, imaginative and delightful puppet show to be staged within a pop-up theatre. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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The Jungle Adventure: A Romp on the Wild Side!

Date: 16-29 July 2018

We must love nature because we are part of its great beauty. We need to learn more… understand more… stop the destruction… give back to Nature abundantly. And soon! Book now for an adventure with us to race against time!

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Love . Revolve The World

An interactive art collaboration by master artist Sun Yu-li and over 750 children participants showcased at the Singapore Art Museum for Art Garden 2013.

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Science Alive!

Science Alive

Designed to ignite curiosity, Science Alive! is an experiential programme that inculcates critical thinking progressively from nursery to kindergarten. The immersive class begins with an introduction to scientific concepts, this is supported by engaging experiments to captivate young minds. Investigative questions encourage further exploration to complement the hands-on activities that students participate in. To conclude the class, reflection time is essential to sum up and reinforce learning, allowing students to strengthen skills and knowledge. The terms serve to investigate the themes: Physical and Chemical Marvels, Energy and Forces, Magnificent Science, and Science in Nature.

Exploring Science Ideas


We aim to deliver scientific concepts by capitalizing on children’s innate curiosity about the world. Our facilitators support scientific learning by providing hands-on materials and multisensory experiences that build on children’s discoveries and help them develop the habits of mind and skills associated with scientific thinking.


We have developed a fun discovery approach of hands-on learning through:

Scientific Process Skills

We plan open-ended activities and ask open-ended questions that encourage children to develop process skills by observing, describing, comparing & contrasting, analyzing, predicting, and explaining to support scientific thinking.

Critical Thinking

Sharpen critical thinking and problem solving skills through planned explorations to allow children to carefully and rigorously reflect on scientific outcomes and answer their own questions through inquiry.

Creative Thinking

We encourage innovative thinking in children through our activities to help children lead to solutions or products.

Skills Development

  • Children will develop more vocabulary as they learn and experience the everyday world, coupled with observation and hands-on activities.
  • Children will understand various scientific concepts, learn how to develop hypotheses, design ways to test them, record and compare data.
  • Children will learn to welcome error and interpret it as valuable information, not as failure through the scientific approach of trial and error.