Pinocchio: A Whale of a Tale!

ArtBeatz is proud to present the gala performance of A Whale of Tale with Pinocchio! A colourful, imaginative and delightful musical puppet show to be staged within a ‘Whale’s Belly’. Book early to avoid disappointments.

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. from a dot competition

In celebration with the book launch of ‘. from a dot’, a book about master artist Sun Yu-li, on the 4 April 2014 at The Arts House. We are inviting all participants to participate in a competition in response to the prose below, written by Sun Yu-li, through a visual or performing art form. Cash prizes up to $500 up for grabs!

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Love . Revolve The World

An interactive art collaboration by master artist Sun Yu-li and over 750 children participants showcased at the Singapore Art Museum for Art Garden 2013.

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image011Batik Appreciation Workshop

The Batik Appreciation Workshop aims to teach students the techniques of Batik, through the use of a technique called resist. Although experts disagree as to the precise origins of batik, samples of dye resist patterns on cloth can be traced back thousands of years ago to Egypt, the Middle East and China. Samples from past centuries have also been found in Turkey, India, China, Japan and West Africa. Although people in these countries were using the technique of dye resisting in decorations, within the textile realm, none had developed the Resist techniques, as those found in the highly intricate Batik fabrics created on the island of Java in Indonesia.

This workshop consists of a series age-appropriate programs designed to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Batik art technique. Students attending this workshop will learn about design composition, primary and secondary colours through practical work, gradation and layering technique. By applying this knowledge, students will develop their own skills of Batik as an Art.

The workshop consists of 4 to 8 lessons, each about 1 to 2 hours long, structured to develop Batik art techniques on to paper or cloth, using wax, glue or other suitable materials as a resist.